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What is a Verified Coupon?

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

When a coupon is first added to Zalyn, it is considered unverified. If the coupon includes a link to its source, we'll go check it out & mark it Verified if it meets the following criteria:
  1. It can be found on the car rental company's website (e.g. avis.com) or on one of their partner company's website (e.g. travel.bjs.com).
  2. The official coupon details and terms & conditions can be cross-checked. If the discount code requires certain affiliation or membership, it is tagged accordingly.

Why use Verified Coupons?

There are a ton of car rental coupons and discount codes all over the internet. Some are available for anyone to use, while others (known as affinity discounts) are reserved for members and/or employees of certain associations, corporations, organizations & clubs. Apart from the discounted rate, they may even include benefits like free insurance, free prepaid gas, free additional driver, etc.

If you pick a code off the internet or get it from someone else, you may not realize that you're using an affinity discount code that is not applicable to you. By using an affinity discount code, you inadvertently claim to be a part of that group. This may create problems for you -
  1. You may be denied a vehicle if you're unable to produce the required ID/documentation at the rental counter.
  2. If you damage the vehicle and the rental agency finds out that you're using an unauthorized discount code, you may end up with a much larger bill.
By using a verified coupon, you know you're using a discount code you're entitled to. In most cases, there are legitimate discount codes (some available after a free signup) that work just as well. 

How do I find Verified Coupons? 

Its really easy. Simply complete your discount profile & whenever you run a standard search on Zalyn, we'll search through verified coupons that are applicable to you and your rental. This means you'll see a AAA discount in the search results only if you told us that you're a AAA member.

You'll also notice that coupons are tagged VERIFIED (in green).

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