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What is a Verified Coupon?

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A coupon is considered verified if it passes the following checks:
  1. It can be found on the car rental company's website (e.g. avis.com) or on one of their partner company's website (e.g. travel.bjs.com).
  2. The official coupon details and terms & conditions can be cross-checked. The content must be published by the site owner and excludes user-generated content (e.g. comments, posts).

How does verification help?

There are thousands & thousands of car rental coupons and discount codes all over the internet. Some of these codes may save you hundreds of dollars! While this may seem wonderful, its important to note that these wonderful discounts may have an underlying stipulation that you're unaware of.

Maybe the discount is reserved for a specific group of people (e.g. IBM employees, AARP members, etc). By using these discount codes, you're claiming (unknowingly) to be a part of that group. This can create many problems for you, such as
  1. You may be denied a vehicle if you're unable to produce the required ID/documentation at the rental counter.
  2. If you damage the vehicle and the rental agency finds out that you're using an unauthorized discount code, you may end up with a much larger bill.
Verified coupons help you avoid coupons & discounts you're not supposed to use, while making sure you easily find the best deal you're entitled to use.

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