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What is an Un-verified coupon?

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A coupon is considered un-verified until we're able to successfully verify it. A link to the coupon source goes a long way in helping us verify the coupon details.

Un-verified coupons are not included when you run a standard search on Zalyn, unless you submitted them to Zalyn & they are in your default collection. These coupons are tagged UNVERIFIED (in orange).

We understand that there are many legitimate coupons that we can't verify (e.g. employee discounts, university discounts, etc) because the webpage may not publicly accessible (company intranet, password-protected page, etc). In such cases, you may add the coupon and it'll only show up in your searches.  You can also add them to a collection and share it with others that qualify for these discounts.

To prevent inadvertent use of a coupon you may not be eligible for, we show you a warning when you try to use an unverified coupon.

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