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What is an Un-verified coupon?

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A coupon is considered un-verified until Zalyn is able to successfully verify it.

When a coupon is first submitted to Zalyn, it is considered un-verified. If the coupon submitter provides a link to the coupon, Zalyn will attempt to verify the coupon. If the verification is successful, the coupon status will change to verified, else it'll remain un-verified.

Un-verified coupons are not included when other users run a search on Zalyn. However, these coupons are included when the coupon submitter runs a search on Zalyn.

Some coupons may be legitimate but can't be verified (e.g. employee discounts, university discounts, etc) because the webpage is not publicly accessible (company intranet, password-protected page, etc).

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