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What are Credits?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Credits are a virtual currency that can be used to pay for certain exclusive features on Zalyn.com. You earn credits based on your contributions to the Zalyn community.

How do I earn credits?

You earn credits for actions that benefit the Zalyn community. The greater the impact of your action, the more credits you earn. Some of the ways to earn credits are:

1. Submit a Coupon

One of the best ways to earn credits is to submit a coupon that's missing on Zalyn. Every now and then rental car companies & their partners promote new offers & discounts. While we actively look for these coupons everyday, there's a chance you can beat us to the chase. While you're at it, be sure to include a link to the coupon source so we can verify the details.

Once your coupon is verified, it'll start to show up in other people's search results. If its a good one, more and more people will use it and benefit from it. Every time someone upvotes your coupon, they earn a reputation point (for sharing feedback) & you earn a reputation point (for sharing the coupon). As your reputation score grows, you earn 50 Credits for every 100 reputation points you've scored.

2. Share Coupon Feedback

This is probably the easiest way to earn credits. When you go through your search results, be sure to share your feedback for every coupon you try out. You can easily earn 5 credits just for sharing your feedback for just 5 coupons that you try out. There is a daily limit, so you won't be able to earn more than 5 credits/day. However, you can return every single day & earn this credit over and over. In addition, you'll be able to keep tabs on price drops & new discounts for your rental.

You also earn a reputation point for sharing your feedback & earn 50 Credits for every 100 reputation points you've scored.

3. Create a Collection

You can also earn reputation points by creating a coupon collection that others may find useful. Be sure to help others find your collection & tell them why its worth their time. As more & more people use your collection & share coupon feedback, you'll earn a reputation point for your effort in putting together the collection. As your reputation grows, you'll earn 50 Credits for every 100 reputation points you've scored.

4. Claim a Promo Code

We lied in #2 above. The easiest way to earn credits is by claiming a promo code. From time to time, we run promotions that reward you with free credits. To claim a promo code:
  1. Check your current credit balance.
  2. Enter your code in the Promo Code box & hit the ADD button.
  3. If the promo code is accepted, you'll see your updated credit balance.

How do I check my credit balance?

Login to your Zalyn account & select the menu option Credits. You'll see a popup with your current credit balance.

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