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What are Credits?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Credits are a virtual currency that can be used to pay for certain exclusive features on Zalyn.com. You can earn credits by contributing to the Zalyn community or by claiming a promo code.

Earn Credits by Contributing

You earn credits for doing something that benefits the Zalyn community. The greater the impact of your activity, the more credits you earn. Some of the ways to contribute are:
  1. Share Coupon Feedback: When you click to use a coupon on Zalyn, we send you over to a booking site. When you return, we ask for your feedback. It tells us whether the coupon worked or not & how well it worked. This data helps us better estimate coupon savings for every subsequent search. Every day that you share feedback for at least 5 distinct coupons, you'll earn 5 credits.
  2. Submit a Coupon: A great way to earn credits is by adding a coupon that's not on Zalyn.com. Every time someone uses your coupon and gives it a thumbs up, your reputation grows & you earn bonus credits as you hit certain milestones.
  3. Create a Collection: You can also create a coupon collection that others may find useful. As others use your collection & give coupons a thumbs up, your reputation grows & you earn bonus credits as you hit certain milestones.

Earn Credits by Claiming Promo Codes

From time to time, we run promotions where you earn credits simply by claiming a promo code. This is a great way to top up your credit balance. To claim a promo code:
  1. Login to your Zalyn account.
  2. Click on your profile picture on the top right corner for menu options.
  3. Select the menu option - Credits.
  4. A popup will open showing your current credit balance
  5. Enter the promo code in box at the bottom of the popup window and hit the ADD button
  6. If the promo code is accepted, you'll see your updated credit balance.

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