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What are Credits?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Credits are a virtual currency that can be used to "pay" for certain features (e.g. automated search) on Zalyn.

How do I earn credits?

1. Signup

You get 50 credits when you signup for a free Zalyn account. 

2. Book a Rental

If you find a good deal on Zalyn & click through to book your rental on Priceline, you'll get 15 credits for booking your rental. You'll earn an additional 100 credits when you complete (pickup & return) your rental vehicle. 

3. Submit a Coupon

One of the best ways to earn credits is to submit a coupon that's missing on Zalyn. Every now and then rental car companies & their partners promote new offers & discounts. While we actively look for these coupons everyday, there's a chance you can beat us to the chase. While you're at it, be sure to include a link to the coupon source so we can verify the details.

Once your coupon is verified, it'll start to show up in other people's search results. If its a good one, more and more people will use it and benefit from it. Every time someone upvotes your coupon, they earn a reputation point (for sharing feedback) & you earn a reputation point (for sharing the coupon). As your reputation score grows, you earn 50 Credits for every 100 reputation points you've scored.

4. Create a Collection

You can also earn reputation points by creating a coupon collection that others may find useful. Be sure to help others find your collection & tell them why its worth their time. As more & more people use your collection & share coupon feedback, you'll earn a reputation point for your effort in putting together the collection. As your reputation grows, you'll earn 50 Credits for every 100 reputation points you've scored.

5. Claim a Promo Code

From time to time, we run promotions that reward you with free credits. To claim a promo code:
  1. Check your current credit balance.
  2. Enter your code in the Promo Code box & hit the ADD button.
  3. If the promo code is accepted, you'll see your updated credit balance.


How do I check my credit balance?

Login to your Zalyn account & select the menu option Credits. You'll see a popup with your current credit balance.

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