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Create your own [car rental] coupon collections!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

You may have come across a number of coupon collections on Zalyn, most of which are organized by
  1. Car rental company, e.g. Enterprise car rental coupons
  2. Membership or Affiliation, e.g. Costco car rental coupons
  3. Vehicle, e.g. Minivan car rental coupons
  4. Rental type, e.g. Weekend car rental coupons or One-way car rental coupons
Up until now, there was no way for you to create and use your own custom coupon collections and we're changing it with the introduction of our newest feature - User Collections.

Why do we need User Collections?

Lets say you work at IBM and travel for business as well as leisure. IBM has negotiated special rates with multiple car rental companies for employees on official business. In addition,  the rental car companies also offer exclusive discounts to IBM employees on leisure trips.

When you're going on a business trip, you're required to use one of the Business Travel discount code on your reservation, since it offers pre-negotiated discounted rates as well as other perks (such as insurance). However, you may have the flexibility to choose which company you want to rent with. By creating a collection of Business Travel discount codes, you can easily compare official discounted rates across rental agencies to see which one works best for you. Here, you're only searching based on coupons in your Business Travel collection.

On the other hand, when you're headed for a vacation, you would like to compare discounted rates based on your IBM leisure discount codes, in addition to other discounts you qualify for (e.g. publicly available coupons, your AAA discount, etc) to see which one works best. This can be done easily by adding your IBM leisure discount codes to your 'Default Collection', which is included in all of your standard searches.

User Collections can also be an effective way for you to share your list of recommended coupons with others who can benefit from it.

How to add Coupon to a Collection?

Find the coupon and click the add to collection button. You'll see a popup with your current collections, including the ones that already have this coupon. Here you can,
  1. Add coupon to an existing collection by checking the box next to the collection name. 
  2. Remove coupon from an existing collection by unchecking the box. 
  3. Create new collection & add coupon to it, by typing in a collection name and hitting the ADD button.
If the coupon is not currently on Zalyn, submit the coupon and it'll be added to your default collection. If you don't have a default collection, we'll create one for you. Once the coupon is added to Zalyn, you can add it to another collection.

Where do I find all my collections?

Go to your profile and click on the Collections tab. Click the collection name to see all of the coupons that are included in the collection.

How do I update my collection?

Go to the collection page and look for the EDIT button at the top. Hit the button to update the collection name and description. You can also set the collection as your 'default collection' by clicking the star button. If you no longer want this collection, you can remove it by clicking the trash button.

How to use collections?

You can use collections in two ways:

1. To augment coupons included in your standard search

Whenever you search for rental cars on Zalyn, we include the following coupons
  • Publicly available coupons (verified)
  • Coupons based on your affiliations (verified
  • Coupons in your default collection (verified or unverified
By adding coupons to your default collection, you can include coupons that Zalyn is either unable to verify (e.g. your employer discount) or doesn't currently support (e.g. Zipcar member discount). These coupons will show up in your search results along with other relevant coupons. 

2. To limit your search only to coupons in the collection

If you're interested in using/comparing coupons that are part of a collection (not your default collection), hit the SELECT button on the user collections page or hit the SELECT button on a coupon that's part of user collection.  You'll see a popup asking for your rental details. Notice the collection name at the bottom. If you check the box next to the collection name, you'll be taken to the search results page based on only the coupons in that collection. You can use and compare the coupons as your normally do.

What do you think of this new feature? Go on and create collections that others would find useful. We would love to see what you come up with.

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