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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Here's a quick summary of the various sorting options available to you on the search results page. 

Default Sort

As the name suggests, this is how we sort the results when we first show you the search results. The default sort is based on a number of factors:
  • Retail price of the rental vehicle
  • Estimated coupon discount
  • Chances the coupon will work
This is the best way to go through the search results to ensure that you find the best rental car + coupon combination for your rental needs.

The example above shows that the first result using default sort is a Midsize car at Budget with a Costco coupon that has a 78% success rate and an estimated discount of $44.

Sort by Your Feedback

As you work through the search results and try out different rental car+coupon combinations, we ask for your feedback. Your feedback is then updated on the search results page for easy reference. After you've gone through the results and shared your feedback along the way, you can sort the results by your feedback to easily locate the rental car+coupon combination that worked best for you. The example above shows a combination with a reported feedback amount of $162.

Sort by Estimated Discount

For each coupon that your rental qualifies for, we estimate the discount you're likely to get by using the coupon. Since the default sort depends on coupon success rate too, results with coupons having a low success rate are ranked lower. You can find such results easily by sorting by the estimated discount. The example above shows a rental car + coupon combination with an estimated discount of $128.

Sort by Retail Price

The Retail Price is the price you see on sites like Kayak, Expedia and on the rental car company's own website for the same vehicle. This is also the same price you see in your search results, right above the BOOK button. The example above shows a search result with a retail price of $146.64.

Sort by Yay Score

Coupons have fine-print, which state the requirements that need to be met for the coupon to apply. However, even if you meet all these requirements, the coupon still may not work! Crazy? Well, lets just say that there's always an escape clause hidden somewhere in the fine-print.

While we check each and every coupon to ensure that your rental qualifies (based on the coupon requirements), we also track whether or not the coupon actually works (Thanks to your feedback). This data is then used to assign a Yay Score to each coupon, which indicates the chances it'll work. Sorting results by Yay Score sorts the results by coupons most likely to work. The example above shows a 10% off coupon for Enterprise with a 90% chance it'll work.

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