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Hertz Weekend Special is back - $14.99 per weekend day

Sunday, August 18, 2013

This week Hertz announced the return of its weekend special - which gets you an Economy car for $14.99 per weekend day. This came on the heels of Budget's Wendie weekend deal announced last week, which in turn came right after Enterprise came out with their $9.99 per weekend day deal.

So, What's the deal?

Hertz is offering a Compact/Economy car for $19.99 per weekend day at participating Hertz corporate locations in the U.S. If you're willing to pay upfront, you can save $5 per day and book your vehicle for $14.99 per weekend day with the Pay Now option. Weekend rental require pick-up Thursday 12:00 noon to Sunday 23:59 PM and the vehicle must be returned by Monday at noon or higher rates apply. Thursday and Friday pickups require a Friday night keep.  The deal is valid on rentals commencing through 11/30/2013. 


There are a bunch of very good alternative like the Wendie Deal from Budget and the Enterprise weekend special.

What's the catch?

  • Unlike the Enterprise weekend deal which is valid only in neighborhood locations, this deal is valid at all Hertz corporate locations. This means that while it'll work at Airport and a number of Neighborhood locations, it won't work at HLE locations.
  • While it doesn't say so, the deal has a 0% chance of working anywhere in the New York Metro area. Tough luck!

Deal or Dud?

This deal is pretty darn GOOD! 

Please note that most of us have different car rental requirements - location, date, time, vehicle, etc. As a result, we see different standard and discounted rates. Just because a promotion works well (or doesn't) for one person doesn't necessarily imply the same result for everyone else. The only way to find the best deal for your unique requirements is to try em' out for yourself.

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