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Enterprise Weekend Special - $9.99 per weekend day

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Enterprise Weekend Special
Enterprise is the largest car rental company operating in North America. They have a dominance in the number of neighborhood locations and claim that there is an Enterprise location within 15 miles of 90% of the population in the US. That's pretty extensive! With low rates, great customer service and added incentives like the We'll pick you up, Enterprise is one of the most preferred rental car company in the US. 

Unlike other rental car companies that target budget travelers, Enterprise does not offer a lot of coupons and discounts to go with their low rates.

So, What's the deal?

Enterprise recently announced the return of its popular Weekend Special, which offers
  1. Economy/Compact car for $9.99 per weekend day
  2. Intermediate car for $14.99 per weekend day
  3. Standard car for $17.99 per weekend day
  4. Fullsize car for $19.99 per weekend day
The deal is applicable for rentals that begin on or after September 5, 2013 and end on or before May 21, 2014. A weekend rental requires the vehicle to be picked up Friday or Saturday and returned by the following Monday.

What's the Catch

Of course. Some of the things that make this deal a little less attractive:
  1. For starters, you're limited to 100 miles per rental day and if you plan to drive more, you need to shell out $.20 per mile for the additional miles. That's pretty steep!
  2. The other problem is that the deal is NOT valid at Airport locations. What a bummer!
  3. Depending on where you're renting, you might find a lower rate at Enterprise without this deal. Don't forget to check the regular rates.
  4. Finally, as with most rental car specials, the offer is only valid at participating locations (with no easy way to find out which ones are participating). No prizes for guessing that most places in the New York metro area are out of bounds for this offer.


This is a very popular deal and for good reason. It works great for short weekend trips or for running errands around town. If you're going to spend more time on the road, the surcharge ($.20 per mile) for the additional miles can easily make this deal a lot less attractive. Remember, most rental car companies offer their own weekend specials, most of which come with unlimited miles. Depending on how much you plan to drive, unlimited miles with a slightly higher rate might still work out better.

While this deal doesn't work at the Airport, other rental car companies offer weekend deals that work just fine. In fact, some of them offer weekend deals specifically for their Airport locations (like the Hertz $14.99 per weekend day from earlier this year). There are also weekend deals (like the National Free Weekend Day) that work at locations in the New York Metro area.

Deal or Dud?

The bottom line - pretty good DEAL if you can live with the restrictions.

Please note that most of us have different car rental requirements - location, date, time, vehicle, etc. As a result, we see different standard and discounted rates. Just because a promotion works well (or doesn't) for one person doesn't necessarily imply the same result for everyone else. The only way to find the best deal for your unique requirements is to try em' out for yourself. 

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